Girls, 18-30s do you think guys who have cool toys are hot? Muscle Cars? Motorcycles? If so give me examples?

  • Yes- if you have a motorcycle or cool car thats hot
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  • No- not sexy not hot (if you choose this explain why?)
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  • No not really.
    I prefer to own cool toys though :p
    I love camaro and I already have a wrangler 😎

    • Thats awesome! I have a camaro and a i used to have Wranglers! Js :)

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    • Thanks for being a rare kind of chick. They say those type of girls get the biggest diamonds too :)

    • Awee thank you❤

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What Girls Said 5

  • I would like to say it depends on your age but it doesn't. It depends on your emotional maturity. And for that matter whether the guy is okay or not does not depend on his hot toy. It depends on his emotional maturity.

    • I agree but what it he happens to be mature but has a passion for cars and sportbikes?

    • 2 things. Who is, "Asker?" Are you like computer or a real person. If you are a real person how come you following me around? To answer your reply again, what is your age? How serious are you with this guy. How to make a living if you get married – pumping gas? Don't tell me he's mature because you discount the entire relationship. You always have to look at the actions not the words. I took a course at Emory in abnormal behavior in sociology that was coupled with a course in abnormal psychology in psychology. They were almost opposite abnormal behavior in sociology is a labeling process. What is abnormal is what is defined by society as abnormal. But psychology looks into deeper meanings of why someone would act out abnormal behavior in the face of society frowning upon it. If you spend your time on muscle cause and all that crap it's fun and okay to be a hobby. It is not okay to have your life revolve around it.

  • Honestly? I don't care about a man's money or material possessions. What I look at is character and world views. But I do love to ride the back of motorcycles! My ex-husband had one. So much fun! :-)

    • Ok this is the type of answer i was looking for... maybe i didn't ask it the right way or something

  • I'm not 18-30, but I felt as if I had to comment on this. My dad was obsessed with motorcycles. Triumphs especially. And when I was born, he bought a Ducati. Not baby stuff, not a family car, not a family anything, but a Ducati. You might imagine that this led to tension between him and my mom. Sooo... it might be cool if you are successful in life and those are the results of it. If they are what you put every penny towards it and put it first, then no, not at all. Material objects should never come first. And please, if you get married and still have the "cool stuff" do not ride your kid on the motorcycle! Especially without telling your wife (that was a bad move he made haha).

    But seriously, my dad was obsessed. We're talking a whole room in his house dedicated to old motorcycles. Some things might appear cool to a girl when you're dating, but are not conducive to long term relationships. Those motorcycles led to some tension.

    • Damn. Funny thing is im selling my kawasaki to get a Ducati next lmfao! And yeah i never thought of it like that. Trust must be hard i guess

    • And thank you for your feedback by the way.

  • Not at all.
    No reason to be.

    Only girls who really find that to be a person's 'quality' are those that are materialistic and/or are more into cars than anything else.

    • Ok so for example:
      I have a cool car and a sportbike. I am loyal and i am clean no drugs no bad records and i have a good job. Would you choose me?


      Example: my same self with none of the above but i am the same person?

    • Means really nothing to me...

    • Hmmm ok... im just trying to figure this out. But thank you for your input.

  • Makes you look like a show-off and jerk.

    • Really? Be what if i just truly love cars and motorcycles? I have both and probably always will lol

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