How early do you ask someone you are dating about STDs? If they do have stds, how have you gotten out of the situation?


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  • I ask before I do anything sexual with them. If they have anything I would ask them to get treatment and if they don't know I want them to do an STD check because I do after every sexual partner. If it couldn't be treated I would cross that bridge when I came to it.

    • What if you were to just end it once you found out but in a nice way? I know it sucks to have stds and it's hard to find a mate, but at the same time I'm not looking to do anything risky.

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    • How bad it would be if you learned they had an STD via text and you ended it by text?

    • That's why I tend to avoid asking over SMS. I mean it would be pretty bad I think, but not the end of the world.

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  • When the subject of sex comes up would be a good time. If they do, I would figure out what precautionary measures you need to take and such to be as safe as possible.

    • Well the only safe sex is abstinence esp when you know the person has an STD, so I wouldn't take the risk. Do you think a girl would be offended if a guy were to end the relationship based on this after only a few weeks of dating?

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    • How soon does the topic of sex typically come up? Do men usually bring it up?

    • I would think it comes up if one wants to become sexually active with their partner. If she doesn't bring it up soon then I suggest you do.

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