Girls, is my personality such a turn off?

I can't help feel like a girl wouldn't see me as a potential guy she would date/ fall in love with.
I'm a quiet guy, I lack a bit of confidence. I'm quite sensitive also, always looking out for people, helpful and caring. I smile quite a lot, and am told im polite, always saying thankyou etc. I hold doors open for people, and am courteous. I'm a bit of a worrier and sometimes get a bit panicky, would this be seen as weak? I like everything to be done correctly, and properly. I can be fun, but only at times when I think I can 'let myself go' Othertimes I can be quite serious and just want to get the job done. I can also have days where I'm moody. I like to keep myself to myself sometimes and sometimes not sure what to say in conversation, particulary with a girl I like. I'm told im good looking and have a great smile.
do these traits seem a turn off to you? And if yes, in what way should I change.


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  • I like you. Marry me! :)
    I mean, you look like a guy I would love to date. The only problem is that if there is a girl you like, you have to be more direct with her, and express more your feelings.

  • Your personality is very attractive to me. You are the type of guy i would love to be with. The only problem is... i find it difficult to build a rapport with shy people. They tend to remain guarded , and are not open about how they really feel. So it appears they are not interested in me. I need to know where i stand with a guy, i need to know what he is thinking and feeling. Shy people are usually private people and i usually feel confused , not knowing if they like me in a romantic way. They don't disclose much about themselves or their feelings.

    I need emotional security in a relationship, but shy guys can't provide that to me, because they seem to build a wall around themselves... and it's too difficult to break that down. Therefore, i pull away thinking he is not attracted to me as i am to him. 😊


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