Was he playing games?

I got chatting to a guy online and to cut a long story short we were suppose to meet but he let me down saying his car was playing up , I had a enough with his games so I deleted him and moved on. Then a week later he texts then calls saying to me " I'm meeting you Saturday are you free? " I replied no you let me down once he just laughed then carried on chatting like nothing had happened :/ he called me that night and he said maybe one day we will meet etc I then asked him why did he contact me again and he laughed and said " I don't know " I said thanks !!! . Last night he asked if I wanted a chat later that night but I went to bed and I noticed he texted asking if I was awake , I never replied and today I hardly bothered but this afternoon he calls out of the blue while at work and we chat then he said he needed to go and we could chat later? ... I came off the phone thinking what is this all about :/ I'm confused by him. I texted him this afternoon telling him I wish him all the best but I'm not a pass time for him and it would be different if we met ! Etc then I said tc xxx. He read the message and never replied lol I thought he would message good bye to but nothing. What type of guy is this? I'm new to dating I got chatting to him on a site , was he playing games?


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  • yeah he is playing games


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