Girls, what does it mean when you're on a date and you do this?

I was on a date with this girl who we plan on going on a second date. But when we were talking she would look deep into my eyes making uncomfortable almost like she was going to devour me, lol. She sould stare deeply when talking to me almost making me uncomfortable almost, she was very pretty though, amazing smile. Also she complimented me often saying how fit athletic I was and seemed very bold. I've been actively dating for some time now and this is new to me, but I liked it actually.


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  • oh honey, I think you know. she wanted you to kiss her. next time, check out her pupils to see if they're dilated. notice if she's flipping her hair a lot, or stroking her neck or chest a lot.

    • She was her hair but this is when we where in the restaurant during conversation so don't think she wanted me to then, haha

    • next time this happens, smile brightly and return the compliment. then reach across the table and tuck a strand of hair behind her ear while allowing to let your fingers graze her face very lightly. so much more subtle than the over the table hand hold, but so much hotter.

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