Girls, We've known eachother for about 2 or 3 years but just met in person about 2 weeks ago. Is she interested? Please read below?

So we started talking and she would send me naked pics and then send me audio messages of herself master bating and stuff. We hung out and we kissed and she told me I was a great kisser. We talked for a few hours then I went home. She later told me she would've wanted me to go inside with her. So the next day we hangout and have sex and it was great. We then continued hanging out at both our places and then the last time we hung out pretty much for one entire day. She would always bring up stuff to do in the future she would always talk about me touching her heart and she would always giggle and cuddle and talk to me as if I was more than a friend but not sure if I was a boyfriend. Anyways I thave texted her "Goodmorning beautiful hope you have a great day" she replied "Goodmorning handsome man hope you have a good day as well" that was the last I heard of her and it's been a day. She didn't reply to my last messages that asked her how her day was. She goes on Facebook and updates her statuses and stuff. Is she playing now hard to get or losing interest


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  • Sounds busy give her some time and space don't rush in so fast go slow

    • Ya we've hung out quite a bit in the last two weeks. I'm not wanting so hangout with her for a little while but I'm still hoping she's interested. She did mention we need a suspension. Whatever the fuck that means

  • Need a suspension? Break? Hmm.. a spare at the moment booty call?

    Well if you wanted something more, just be straightforward with the status. Save you from overanalyzing. There is no such thing as coming on too strong. I mean you guys talked for so long... let it be known:)

    • Well it's just weird. We are definitely more than a booty call. I'm not sure what I want but I do want to continue with things with her

    • And to be fair we didn't talk most of that time just lately

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