Best way to deal with dating partner who goes days without seeing you but is otherwise attentive? (tltr version)?

Say your partner still talks to you frequently and responds promptly, very affectionate and flirty in text and in person. Well thought out dates. But they go days without seeing you because of excuses. You live 5 minutes apart yet they see you 1x/week. If they have a lot going on the day they normally see you, they wait allllll the way till the next week. They once slept over 3-4x/week for months. You tried talking to them and they seem very sincere when telling you it's not that they don't WANT to see you (excuses out of their control). Then nothing changes. When work dies down, now they have a cold for 2 weeks! Oh and now they're too stressed. What's going on? What can I do? Would making myself unavailable on his alotted days work?


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  • What is he doing during those times?


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