Myths commonly thought to be facts?

This is a fun question for anyone!

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I have been a member of this site for a while and after reaching level 5 I have come to notice a few questions frequently containing statements such as "white guys don't like black chicks" and "guys only like skinny girls that wear a lot of make up." I would like to have everyone help dispel a myth of their own that they find common in the dating world. What is it? Why is it false, or why is it true?


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  • You're not entitled to anything. Regardless of who you are.

  • "Agnosticism is the middle ground between Atheism and Theism."

    It is actually just admitting a lack of knowledge, and can be applied to anything. People in todays society often referred to as plain "Agnostics" are a type of Atheist.

    "All Theists are religious, and all Atheists are non-religious."

    Look at the Deists, Agnostic Theists, Buddhists, Taoists, and LaVeyan Satanists.

    "Using a level one Pokemon will make you lose."

    Equip it with, a focus sash, and teach it endeavor.

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