I don't get it. What happened with her?


I started dating someone at the start of August. At first she seemed very interested. She made a point on a number of occasions of telling me that she liked me. She seemed to want to pay for things for me a lot. Made quite a few comments about the future. She wanted to buy and pay for tickets for us to the theatre for a few weeks down the line before we'd even been on our third date. I made a comment on our fourth date about it being the fourth and she asked me if I'd still be counting on our fiftieth. We'd had a small version of the talk about us both wanting to see where it went and had started to become quite couply.

However she then started to cancel dates with me. At first I let it slide as we always rearranged and met up but after our sixth date things changed. She forgot we had plans to do something for her birthday which is a pretty big red flag but she's a doctor and had been working long hours non stop for the past week including on the day. She then cancelled again. I phoned her to ask what was up and to simply let me know if she wanted to end things rather than stringing me along. She reassured me that she did want to still see me. We made plans for the following Sunday and I agreed as long as she wasn't going to cancel again... She cancelled again. She sent me a text apologising and said she'd been stressing out about an exam she had coming up which she needs to pass for her job and asked if we could wait till she'd done her exam to see each other again. I basically said no as I didn't feel she was really into this and didn't want to wait another couple weeks just to be cancelled on again. She was very apologetic and explained that she had a lot of pressures in her life and wasn't in the right place for a relationship however would like to still see me.

We'd already had the talk and the way she acted and things she'd said when we were seeing each other never gave me the impression she wanted anything other than a relationship.


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  • I guess you read the signs wrong then


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