Why did he get an attitude?

I met this guy about a month ago at a bar. We exchanged numbers and since then I have asked him to meet up a couple of times. He keeps saying that he can't because he's doing something else and that he wants to get together but he's not sure when he can. So yesterday I asked him if he wanted to get together tomorrow night. He said he already had plans. So then I said it didn't seem like he had any time so I wasn't going to ask anymore and he could let me know if he wanted to meet up. He then said something like fine whatever and acted like he was upset. Why be mad when clearly he doesn't want to see me again?


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  • I have seen light after reading this and feel your frustration. I too have attempted to make a definite date for a set time and place but get a response of: I am back in town. Uhh I asked you out for next week not that you're back. She acted all busy so I said text me when you figure out your schedule. Nothing back but no worries, her loss.

    You asked three times and even continued by prompting him to contact you. You've done your effort 10 fold and should just continue on. People will counter offer if there is a 50% interest, which is why I haven't heard anything from my girl. Most likely there is a second girl or ex in the background. And you're backup. Just keep moving forward girl ;)

    • Why can't they just be honest? People are jerks.

    • Haha people do more to avoid pain than to feel it. Keep living and you"ll soon notice it.

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  • maybe he did have plans, and you saying that hurt his feelings. Ask him what time works best for him, and just say you feel like you're bothering him and don't know whether or not you should continue to ask him if he is free

    • Yeah but I have already asked 3 times in the last month. How many times do I have to ask?

    • i honestly cannot answer that. Just ask him again! and if he says "no i have plans" just say "i feel like i am harassing you, could you tell a time that work well for you? or are these next two weeks just hectic for you?" if he says this whole month is hectic just ditch his ass. No excuse why he cannot find a day out of 30 to make time for a nice outgoing girl like yourself!

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  • So within the month, how did conversations go? I mean he seemed annoyed with the persistence or to him "nagging." I think if he is acting like that don't even bother. There are plenty of guys who would like to get to know you. Drop him and move on. No need to boost his self esteem cause he ain't worth it:)

    • The first time I asked we are texting back and forth and I was like we should get together again. He said he was going out of town for work. Ok fine. Second time I was at happy hour and said he should swing by. He said he was moving and he couldn't. Then this last time I asked in advance. No dice. All I was saying is I'm not gonna keep asking. He can let me know when he's free.

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