Would you give him another chance?

I went on an awesome first date. Second date we decided to shoot pool. He said he didn't know how to play so I said I'd teach him. He shows up, was there for about 10-15 minutes and then asked if it was okay if he left as he wasn't feeling well. I said okay. About an hour later he texted to apologize and said he felt uncomfortable because I wasn't really talking to him. Admittedly my grandma has been sick so I prob was more quiet than usual. I apologized as well. He did say he wanted to meet up again. Should I give him another chance?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah! If he wasn't comfortable to the point of being sick, but still wants to see you again, don't hold it against him (unless it turns into a routine situation).
    Just tell him to let you know next time if he feels uncomfortable so you know what to do to make him feel alright. If he's too needy for you then move on, but give him a second shot :-)


What Girls Said 1

  • Give him one last chance. If he does something similar to it, then give up.


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