Girl I've started dating is still using tinder, is it still ok?

I first met this girl online (tinder) over a month ago and we've been getting along really well, we have quite a few mutual friends so we had things to talk about straight away. she gave me her number and we text eachother all the time.

I noticed she was still using tinder, but so was i, as talking to people online generally does turn into nothing, so it didn't really bother me. we met up a week or so later for a date and have met up 5 times now and it seems to be going really well. i stopped using tinder after meeting her, as although it's not cheating i don't really feel the need to message other women, once I've met someone in person and it's been going well.

I've been talking to her today and for some reason she has started giving me the cold shoulder, i haven't said anything bad to her, she ignored my last message for hours and then text and said she is going to bed and will talk to me tomorrow, all seems abit strange so i decided to look on tinder, i found she had been online 30 mins before her last text, which kind of threw me abit.

she told me she had been single for 3 years, she classes herself as unattractive and she says she doesn't even like watching tv programmes with pretty girls in! So i didn't think she was the type to talk to loads of guys and keep her options open

Should I ask her about this? Or as we're not in a relationship or anything it's me overeacting, and just keep it to myself?


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  • You can ask her about it if you want to be exclusive or more serious.


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  • An easy way to keep your head clear using tinder is
    Assume everyone is multiple dating. Then there is no surprise, and if she isn't, it's a bonus !!
    Definitely don't over think using tinder


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  • If you call her out on it all she will say is "I'm testing the waters" thats when you say "Get your head out of the toilet.


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