Girls, describe a good first date?

I want a woman's perspective on what qualities can make a good date, please include details!
I like what @Georrgem said but I could use more
I could use more people


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  • It really depends on the girl. Take into account what she wears and how she looks and how she spends her free time.

    I don't go out much and prefer a date to be nice and personal on a couch or bed watching a movie with pizza, but some girls want to go out to nice restaurants and enjoy flowers and chocolates.

    I'll give you some perspective. I don't wear to make makeup (don't need to impress anyone), I'm always in my room watching series and eating junk food. I'm pretty lazy and can be a bit of a slob.
    If your friend likes to wear nice clothes all the time, goes out with her friends a lot (generally a sociable person), enjoys looking good and impressing other people (eg. wearing makeup to go grocery shopping), she probably likes to be shown off. Take her out and get her a single flower.

    Could you give me more perspective on this girl so I can assess this properly>

    • I actually like 2 girls and I don't know who to ask out lmao it's complicated but they're wayy different.

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    • I like both and I'd go out with either of them but girl 2 smokes so I'm leaning a bit more towards girl 1. I appreciate your opinions :) I will probably go with that.

    • Them not that

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  • Wings and beer at a busted bar over a blue jays game.


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