I'm surrounded by girls yet I'm always single?

I don't mind being single and for the first time in my life I love not being committed to anyone and being independent. But it's kind of weird because I'm a very successful guy in my high school and I already have my career set in place for after I graduate. I'm a very busy guy and I am in charge of a large school organization, so I rarely have time for the usual highschool drama. I'm more of a loner type but I have tons of friends and I even have a whole group of girls that are like my "fan club". I don't mean to sound arrogant , but I know that I'm very attractive and I have a bunch of girls that like me, but I'm ALWAYS single. I dated once ever and it was a two year relationship that I ended 5 months ago because it wasn't what I wanted. Now I'm just living up the solo life. All of the girls that obviously like me are at least decently attractive, but I am a relatively picky guy and I only go for the girls that really catch my attention. Sadly they are always taken or they turn out to be hoes, which I don't date. I'm old fashioned so I don't do hookups or anything. I only do serious relationships. I don't know what anyone even has to say to this, but what do you think?


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  • I'm like that.
    I like girls that are younger and shorter than me who usually have glasses. I don't know why, I think glasses are sexy

  • lol want to trade lives


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