How do your childhood hopes and dreams of dating compare to now when you're older?

I tell you when I was 10 or 11 I had dreams of eventually marrying that childhood girl that you've known for 10 years by the time you turned 20 and taking her out to see evening sunsets and going kayaking and on long road trips exploring places. lol Man I never had any idea dating would be such a PITA. lol It sure was a nice dream cause it hasn't turned out anything like that.


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  • When I was younger I seriously believed that I would only be with one guy and I would spend the rest of my life with him and that he would be funny and charming and that he would lavish me with gifts (back then I wanted to be rich and really believed I had a chance a being a singer. Go figure). However, I'm 22 and none of that has happened. I thought I'd be married by now honestly.

    • I think you realize that a lot of those things aren't as important as you thought they were when you were younger.

    • Oh definitely. My "perfect man" idea has changed drastically. Mainly because I now know, against my childhood beliefs, that no one is perfect and everyone has flaws. When I was younger I believed that the world was beautiful. That everyone in it was flawless. Now... Well not so much. However, I have been with my current boyfriend for five years and I do love him to death. Its just not what I expected at all. I never saw my parents fight so I seriously thought that when you were with someone you literally never fought about anything. So needless to say, when I turned 18 and entered the "real world" I was hit with a very rude awakening. I didn't sign up for this. Lmao

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  • LOL. no... ohmygod. when i was a kid, i thought i would have been freaking married by now. sosososo far from reality. the kind of dude i like tends to live between the pages of books. I hate Jane Austen for giving me false hope.

  • I never had any dreams of dating, cuddling, kissing, or getting married. I just went with the flow and never had those feelings until I really got to know and like a boy (which didn't happen)

  • LMAO Same.

    So when I was a small child (<10) I always figured that I'd meet the love of my life when I was 12 and we'd be that cute couple that dated all through middle school, and high school (because I apparently felt the need to one-up all those lame ass high school sweethearts lol) and we'd get married when we were 21 and go off to college together and it'd all be peaches and cream for the rest of forever.

    Oddly... as far as real life goes, I was pretty close... ish.

    I met him at 14, not 12. And we didn't start dating until senior year, and we didn't get married at 21 (that'd be bad lol) but we have dated all through college and we are planning on getting hitched. But it's looking like I'll be 24 by the time that happens, not 21.

    So real life is a little behind the schedule that 10 year old me had planned out. But we're getting there.


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