Are my standards too high to get a girlfriend?

I dont think I am asking for that much since I have a lot to offer, but it just seems like its so hard for me to meet women who I actually want to date. I come across girls all the time who I will express interest in, and maybe go on a date or two with, but usually I end up losing interest in them because they aren't what I want. Here are my standards:

-She must be both my religion, and from my political background

-She has to be studying a good subject in college, something that she can get a job from (like Engineering, Medicine/Nursing (this is a massive bonus), Finance, Accounting, Computer Science, etc)

-She must be good looking (like 7+ out of 10)

-She has to be a reasonable height and weight, I dont lay down guidelines but if she is overweight or super tall/short that isn't really going to fly with me.

-She must compliment my personality and be both outgoing and introverted, since I am on the line between the two, and its hard for me to get along with pure extraverts or pure introverts because they are too extreme for me.

-She must be caring, selfless, and love kids since a big side passion of mine (outside of the office) is working with kids, and by selfless I mean like she puts others before herself (its hard to find girls like this now adays)

-She must be willing to put up with my ridiculous dreams and goals and support me in them (including my hope to move overseas to either Africa or India).

-Other things that aren't required but are nice are; love of tennis (someone who I can play with), ability to play instruments (piano or guitar preferably so we can play together), good cooking skills, fluency in another language (French, Spanish, or German are best), fun to be with, really caring of me (will surprise me with things every now and then, or just do little things to help me out), or really obsessed with travel.

Is this too much to ask for a girl? Should I take out some of my criteria to find more women?
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I also have a lot to offer her, so its not like I require all this stuff but dont give anything in return. I won't get too into it but I am fairly good looking (according to most girls), I make better money then most, I'm in shape and tall, I love kids (obviously), and I have working fluency in both French and Spanish, as well as the ability to play piano.
Are my standards too high to get a girlfriend?
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