Good questions to ask girls?

Me and this girl are going for a walk and might be chilling at one of our houses after but usually the thing that ruins me is I run out of things to say with girls I go with the flow but once the convos seems to be dying I don't know what else to say what are some good questions or convo starters for girls


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  • Oh there are lots of things. Favorites like restaurants, music, places she might like to visit one day, favorite movies and actors, her favorite shows on tv (if you don't know it ask what it's about). There are dislikes like foods, tv shows, games etc. I would stay away from politics and religious views as then it might turn into a debate. You can see if she likes things you have interest in, games, cars, sports, foods, places, etc.


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  • In my opinion it's better not to think about it. If you're compatible you'll find stuff to talk about.


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  • How her day was
    Whats her job like
    Ask about her family/friends
    Favorite coffee place
    Ask about pets (if any)
    School/school goals
    Favorite store.
    Best momory from childhood
    Books she likes

    Honestly talk about anything. she's probably just happy to be spending time with you. Dont sweat it!


What Guys Said 2

  • What career are you going for in college? Where to you see yourself in ten years?
    Talk about people futures there always interested in that.

  • Keep the conversations on light topics.


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