I'm starting to think I'm paranoid?

So basically, I don't trust people. I don't trust people at all. In fact, the only thing I trust people to do is either act stupid or betray me, usually both. This applies especially hard with dating. Since I've never had a girlfriend, I basically think, when in the pre-dating stage with a girl, that they're just constantly lying to me and find it impossible to believe anything they say. For a while, I thought it made me clever and wise, not trusting people. But, now that I constantly expect lies and prepare to backstab people when they lie or betray me, I'm starting to think I'm just becoming paranoid.


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  • I think you are. You are young and I question what has made you not trust. In order to not trust you must have trusted before and was hurt. Causing the lack of trust to begin with. Answer these questions to yourself. Why can't I trust? Who or what hurt me to make me not trust? What is it going to take for me to trust again? Once I know what, how can I apply it to helping me trust in the future? It's ok to be a cautious person, just don't let it cage you from meeting someone who can make you smile and enjoy being with.

    • I choose not to trust because people always abandon you in the end. By refusing to trust, I don't truly have to care about anyone, so, when they abandon me I can discard them.

    • I understand. The root is abandonment and not having to "mourn" over the loss of connection and interaction. People do come and go. Life is nothing without "death", that's what makes it so beautiful and precious. You mustn't let abandonment keep you from making a potential long term friend. You can know many people but not put full trust in them and this is ok. I only have a small few I trust and one lives four hours away from me, yet she and I still keep in contact.

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  • Yea, maybe you are a little paranoid... Dating is rough when you're in high school (im assuming you are since your profile is under 18), and most people don't know what they want. I don't think you're being lied to, but you're interacting with people who are still figuring out what they like and what they want.


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