How do I deal with my boyfriend having a 8 year old daughter with someone else?

We haven't been together long and from day one it has bothered me. His daughter is great but that comes with his ex and they have been off and on. His family and nieces and nephews all know her and they all talk about her. I hate myself and that is part of the issue, which I know is my fault. But has anyone had this same thing? How do I deal with it?


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  • No one can read 6 sentences and tell you how to fix your self-esteem problems. Are you afraid that he will go back to his ex and just leave you?

    • I am worried of that happening. For some reason I don't like his ex (probably cause she is his ex). I hate the fact that she holds that over me. I feel like me and him can't be us cus she will always be there. And I feel like she will always be better than me and he always have a price of her.

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  • There seems to be two BIG issues here. One you have addressed, your self esteem, and two the baby mama. Now one plays a bigger part than two believe it or not. Baby mama is going to be in the picture no matter what, that's just a fact of life in this situation and you can do one of two things, stick it out through the fire, or walk away. Your guy though is with you for whatever reason. Try to focus on a good reason, it could be your personality, your smarts, your way of handling things, whatever. Focus on your exquisite qualities that make him choose you over her. Once you find what makes you irresistible to him baby mama will just be a nagging background noise. You might not be the 8 year olds mama but you can be a good role model, someone who can bring positive inspiration to her world. Showing confidence, strength, determination, and beauty, will be just what she will need while she sees both mom and dad. Once you get your confidence up ex won't matter no matter what my dear ;)


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