He never responded to my message & it's been 5 days... Am I just blind and not wanting to see he isn't interested? Why wouldn't he respond?

Please help a girl out.

we are 20, in college. We met a couple weeks ago.. I approached him; he was friendly back. It wasn't flirting, but it was all just friendly and nice and he said we should have coffee. So a few days later we did. He was very personable and we had a good time. I felt sparks, real sparks. And I sensed him flirting with me a couple of times. And he did say that next time we hang out he should show me this one thing. I mean, I thought he was totally digging me.

then this week, he went out of state for a concert that was on Wednesday. I messaged him on Facebook on Monday, wishing him a good trip and he'll have to tell me about it afterwards! And then.. He read it on Monday, but never responded. I don't know when he left to go out of state or when he's coming back. But yeah.. This morning he uploaded a bunch of photos of the concert on Facebook and I just feel super rejected. He's had time to go on Facebook. I see him online multiple times. It says he read my message. I just feel really rejected and hurt because he was so friendly.

Whats going on?


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  • Maybe
    -he's busy
    -he has no money now
    -he's dating other girls

    It doesn't matter what someone SAYS, always look at their ACTIONS.
    If it doesn't meet your expectation, just move on.

    • Congratulate your willingness to approach. If I was the guy u mentioned, it just makes thing so easy and effortless. Why he didn't contact you? You never know unless he tells you

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    • not significant, am just try to tease. u may get my wrong message. ''This is online, a place without non verbal communication.''

    • Is this to make a point? 😯

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  • He's either not that into you, or there's more to his life than he told you. Don't send any more messages or like his posts. If 3 months go by and he hasn't reached out to you, delete him. If you have any confidence and self respect at all, delete him after no contact for a month. But move on now as if he doesn't exist for you. Nothing is more pathetic than a smart girl who leaves a door open for a guy.

    • I concur completely. I know my self worth. It's just annoying because I was crushing hard. If he doesn't respond in 2 weeks I'm deleting him and never talking to him again.

    • 'Atta girl. ;-)

    • Thank you (:

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  • So you wished him a good time and he didn't respond? He has nothing to respond, maybe saying "thanks".^^ There's no reason why that should indicate him being uninterested in my opinion.. he's a dick tho for not saying thanks.

    • Mega dick. And for now messaging me how it went afterwards. Like wtf

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    • well... He just liked my Facebook post on this artsy thing I shared... I'm really confused as to what he's thinking?

    • ask him.

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