Is this the right thing to do? Should he be able to kiss another girl just because I did?

Okay I went to a dance my boyfriend could not go to. My friend gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Litterly a peck. I told him that. A week later he tells me he not happy at all with that. He jelous even though I told him it ment nothing. Now he wants to give some other girl a quick meanless kiss on the lips to make him feel better. I said fine (holding in my temper). Now he wants me to find this girl to do it with. Later I tell him I dont want him to do it. Then somehow we got right back in it where he just might do it.

should I let him give a meaningless kiss to a another girl?

Or should I tell him no way and keep on saying sorry?

I'm litterly terrified of what I'm going to say to him tomorrow. Its 1:18am I usually in bed by 9:30 and ready for school at 6 well fuck me now because I have exactly 5 hours 52 minutes


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  • Say I'm sorry that I've hurt you and I understand your anger but it wasn't my intent. What you're asking to do is just revenge plain and simple. I'd prefer if we sat down and have a frank discussion about the do and don'ts in our relationship, as to avoid future mistakes. But If you want to continue trying to hurt me out of spite, we should just go our separate ways.


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  • Did that person kiss you or did you kiss him?

    • It was my friend (shes a girl) and we both did it as a joke.

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  • His kiss wouldn't be meaningless. I understand that he was upset, but that won't help him or you.


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