How do I tell her about 3 kids from 2 mothers?

I was married to one woman for nearly 6 years. We married too young, had twins and couldn't salvage the marriage. My next relationship lasted 6 years as well. She left me after three years, only to find out she was pregnant after leaving. She came back and we tried to make it work, but she left me again after another 3 years.

I pay support to both mothers, am involved in my children's lives and have zero drama with either mother. I can pick my kids up whenever I want so my time is entirely flexible. Two kids are 11 and the other is 4.

I've started dating again recently, but I need to know how and when to tell a woman I'm getting serious with what my past is.

I also want to know how many girls would run away from a man in my situation, or would accept it since it isn't typical deadbeat dad with one night stand and short term relationship kids.


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  • I would accept it. Nothing wrong with having children. Most of us this age do.


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  • You should begin with honesty... Just talk about family and I am sure she will ask you about yours, then just answer honestly.

    An attribute that men possess which women adore is being apologetically yourself. Give it a try... She needs to find out at some point, and being upfront and honest about it is the best way, especially if you own it.


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  • Dude your 35, you had a life before her, just tell her you have kids that you love, a lot of women find a father (good one) attractive.

    If she cares about you she will understand.


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