She is confused about us, but won't say the reason?

We have been dating for about 4 months, and it is kinda long distance. We have great sex and always have a blast when we are together, our tastes are very much alike aswell. On the last few days however, she became hard to contact and finally told me during a phone conversation, that she is confused about us, leaning towards the "I don't think it's going to work / I need to think about it".

She also asked if I am dating other people; to which I said "no" (I have my own business and I am really short on time; always made time for her but I do have options).

I asked her if there was any reason in particular as to why she thinks it would not work out, she "didn't know".

Finally, I told her to think about it, that I want to be with her but I would back away and once she knew what she wants out of this, to contact me (in polite fashion).

obs: we mostly spoke over the phone, at night and did very little texting.
obs^2: we would also alternate between visiting each other.
obs^3: she told her family about me, why?

Why ask me if I am dating others, only to mention she mostly thinks it is not going to work out?

This has been a sobering moment for me, and I don't think I should invest any of my time and energy into this relationship anymore...

Any advices, please?


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  • Could be the distance involved (not sure as you said kinda long distance)
    Could be she has eyes on someone one else.
    Could be she just not sure.

    I think you give her a little time, and see if it sorts out. If you care about her, its worth waiting a little bit, you can always walk away when you can't do it anymore, but walk away now and you dont know.

    Best of luck.

    • About 3 hrs away by auto.

      I am doing just that, told her to call me once she has it figured out, I dislike the drama tho.

    • Drama is a sad part of the boy girl thing.

      3 hours is a bit of a haul. Again best of luck to you.

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  • She's probably insecure about all this and maybe she's having trust issues. It can be temporary, wait and see. If you see that this is going too long and you're wasting your time, it's better for you to follow different paths.


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