There is a guy I like and he's very popular and we talk sometimes and he is one year ahead of me and he asked me few days ago if I went to a party?

few days aago this guy i really like asked me if i went to a party organised by our school , and he was like hi how are you? and then did you go to the party? (in a club) and isaid no and he answerd why i said because i don't like that kind of thing and he said you never went to a party? i said no ididn't why? he said just a question. and by the way he didn't go too and we are living in a country that it's not very common to ask this kind of question even though there is a lot of people who go out , we are vvery conservative. i like this guy but i found him always talking to girls and girls love him because he's nice and handsome , i respect him very much but i don't quite understand his behaviour towards me especially when he asked me about the party and then after that he didn't talk at all. and by the way why he asked me if i went or not and i don't even know him that well and i'm a shy person, he could have asked one of his friends because when i asked him did you go? he said if i did i wouldn't be asking you?:D:D
i know this is absurd but i just want to understand why is he acting like this?


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  • He was just wondering if you went or not, maybe he was trying to get information about it since he didn't go himself.


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