What can I do? I am lost?

First time moving out and im a student but i found a room in my hometown, with roommates, only thing is that im extremely bored in this city, I've seen most of it and sometimes i think about moving to another city and start over somewhere else. My brother said its stupid to do that because i have no family over there and im alone and the city is tough, i dont even have friends over there and i dont study there either or have a job, its just a random city 40 min from here. I cnat make a decision, should i stay here for a while?


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  • It doesn't matter if you have no friends, that's how you learn to make friends and make a new and different life for yourself. You can't think of the fears you're about to bring yourself into, you have to look at it, as an awesome opportunity and a time to be independent.

    • but maybe its too much of a big step, i dont know, i dont really like the city but i dont ike this city either

  • Stay for a while until you're done with school and have some money saved up at least, then take things one step at a time. Find an affordable apartment in a safe neighborhood, get roommates if you need (I would start asking people you know and then moving to strangers as a last resort), and find a job in that city so you have a way to support yourself and have steady income.


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