Guys, Casual or nah... What do you think?

So, I've been casually seeing a guy that I had a crush on in my teen years. When we began "talking" it was amazing! He made me feel like nothing else mattered and like I was a one in a million type of woman. Fast forward, 18 months and i told him I'd developed strong feelings for him but that I couldn't figure out where I stood with him. So I asked, he deflected by acting like he didn't understand why I felt this way but would never specifically say how he felt. I told him that I couldn't continue with him if my feelings were not reciprocated as I'd inevitably end up hurt. He didn't agree nor disagree. Only asking, "is it done then?" So I took this response as him saying he didn't feel the same way and said yes, it's done. He then asked if I'd never had any "fun" with him and because I was so hurt I said that sleeping with someone who has feelings for me and not feeling same is a bit cruel and that cruelty is not my idea of fun! So he then said "when did I say I didn't hav feelings for you?" So I told him, he never say how he feels other than horny! What am I supposed to do with that? So he said he never intended to hurt me and that was that.
A few days later, feeling hurt, and guilty for unnecessarily snapping at him. I sent him an email to apologise for the way I spoke to him and that if/when he meets someone new, to try and be truly upfront about what he wants etc to save himself the 'drama' and to save the new girl any heartache because he's a really loveable guy with truck loads of charm and how easy it would be for a woman to get swept up etc. No response. Didn't really expect one but hey!
Another couple of days pass and now I'm hurting like crazy! Second guessing my decision to end it, I stupidly sent him an email to tell him that he's on my mind, I miss him, sorry for how it turned out, hope he's ok. His reply was "me too, hope you're ok too".
I guess I just need some closure. What do you guys make of this?


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