Do you think guys are still stuck paying for everything in dating in a sort of catch 22?

I think everyone, myself included believes who ever makes the plans for the date shoudl also pay. HOWEVER, I have never once been asked out by a girl or had a girl I had taken out once or twice make plans for a date...

Am I missing something, or do girls know this and basically just hide it and go along with it?


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  • I think it has to do with the fact that's always how things seemed to be: the guy asks, the guy pays. It's like a social norm. Granted not everyone has to follow this. I feel guys pay for the first few and if the dating becomes regular the two of you can split the bill or even take turns paying.


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  • I don't thinks a catch 22. I think it's the way it should be. The guy does the asking and, at least the first date, should pay. After that, it can be split if you both agree on it.


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  • Ehh, I think that regardless of who makes the plans, both people should pay, ideally 50-50, though if one person contributes significantly less at least they've done something. But, generally, girls just aren't as willing to put themselves on the line and ask someone out, I don't think that's motivated by wanting a free evening.


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