Girls, Asking a girl out as a friend/date without coming off as awkward/creepy-ish?

Hi Ladies!

So, there's a girl who works at our school's bar/restaurant (college) as a waitress that I'd like to invite out to get to know and become friends (and hopefully more), but the issue is - I don't want to come off as the typical random/stalker/player type. I think she's adorable, physically and more importantly, personality wise. I can only imagine that she gets asked out/hit on by guys all the time because she's clearly very attractive. My classmates and I usually hit the place up for lunch between classes and whatnot, so she knows us fairly well.

At any rate, I guess I would describe myself as the "nice" guy type (you know, the ones that seem to finish last more often than not). It's hard to get a conversation in with her because she's always busy while at work, and even harder to find the right time to ask her anything. I need a way to ask her in a way where she feels more inclined to accept, etc.

So, how about it ladies? Can you give this guy a little girl help over here?

Thanks a bunch!
Still looking for some female help over here, sooner the better!



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  • Well I think it would be wise to do something outside of the box. Maybe you can catch up with her after work as she is less likely to be busy and maybe walk her to her car or walk her back wherever she needs to go. Be sweet, friendly and make her laugh. And then ask her if it's ok if you took her out sometime. Make her give you her phone number and give yours to her to.

    • The problem is - we're not on that level of friendship yet where we talk outside of her work (I don't know what days/times her classes are, etc), I only know what program she's in and only a little bit of other personal things. The being sweet and friendly is no problem for me, but making her give me her phone number is something I have no idea how to do (I've only dated one girl, and that was many years ago so I'm so rusty when it comes to this stuff).

      I was thinking of writing her a nice, hand written letter (like some people would back in the day before texting/social media), but I wouldn't know what to say or where to even start, or if that's even a good idea.


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    • If you were the girl I was writing the note to, what those words be that would grab your interest? I know everyone is different, but it's nice to get the perspective from the opposite sex =). I want my first move to be something that has a high chance of getting her attention.

      As for building up small talk, I'm almost done school, so the next few weeks are critical. If I dont do anything, I probably won't see her again.

    • Whoaaa the pressure Jayce! LOL
      I don't know, I really like the corny stuff haha 🙈 I don't know! Just be sweet is all I can say. If you can make me smile with words then yes it will be good. I honestly don't know Jayce, umm sure she is like completely different then me but that's what I would consider perhaps?

      Well you better get a move on. You can always say on the note, I hope we can talk more and leave her your number on it

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