Why does he treat me so bad?

We are both 20 and hit it off soon as we met, this round a year ago now. He told me he doesn't get in relationships because they change people (I think is because he got hurt badly in the past more than once) so we agreed to date and see how we go. I fell pretty quickly for him. We fell out as he would flirt with other girls I front of me and didn't speak for a month, during This time he slept with two other girls, we met up and he told me he wanted to be in a relationship with me, I told him I didn't think that was what he wanted as he is young and want to play around, we agreed to get together though as he reassured me its what he wanted. We started off fine texting all the time, didn't see was other because we had uni, he became off with me and stopped talking to me for two weeks, I asked him what was wrong and he told me he couldn't make time for me and I deserved better (over text), I later found out he had dropped me for another girl (same girl he slept with before). by the way I did not ever sleep with this guy as he would have to wait for that. We did not see or speak to each other for 6 months, we went on a work night out however and ended up kissing, I was very affectionate but he started to become distant and told me he couldn't handle relationships. He told my friend that he likes me but doesn't know how to show me. He then tried to kiss her in front of me, asked her out on dates a few days later and they went out a few times, she stayed at his house also (she is no longer my friend after her shite behaviour). All this time I had no contact with him. He messaged me saying sorry for everything and that I deserve so much better then when I questioned what he was sorry for, denied all the shit things he had done ( dropping me for someone else, trying to kiss my friend). i avoid having contact with him but he provoked an argument with me over nothing so I blocked him for all social media. I love him but I know I deserve better , so why won't he leave me alone?&
He just seems to go hot and cold, he'll show affection to me then is quick to become distant again. I told him all the time that there was so much more to him than what he shows people. He told me that being nice got him nowhere so he started acting like a dick. I do honestly believe that deep down he's a good boy and that he can be so much better than what he is but he just doesn't want to. Just want to give him all the love in the world but he doesn't deserve it which is a shame.


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  • Well you are crazy for waiting around for something like that. You definitely deserve something so much better than that. Is not ok to be doing that if someone wants a relationship with somebody. A relationship is between two not more than too.

    • I'm not waiting around, do I love him, yes and I think a part of me always will but after he's shit behaviour I cut all contact until that one night out and I kissed him because I thought maybe after the time apart he had changed. When I realised he hadn't i cut contact again but he always seems to try to come back whether it be through talking about me to other people or provoking an argument which is the reason I asked the question about how he acts. Surely if someone means nothing to you you would move on and never look back which is why he's confusing me 😓

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    • Thank you very much for your answer, keep doing what you're doing, hopefully we both eventually meet new people who are better for us !

    • You welcome and good luck to you. Stay posivite

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  • He wants to test drive you like the others.
    He's predending to be a buyer
    and they are thinking they might make The Sale
    but he's just satisfying his dick.
    The End - there's really no more to this guy, even though he talks a most convincing game.
    You are the one that got away, so he'll keep plugging until there are dire consequences to him for trying. Better install some of these, e. g. muscle bound boyfriend (or friend that would pose as such) or group of friends or classmates (e. g. dance class) where they all know what a jerk he is, so will defend you and insult him away.


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  • Stay away from him!
    He s just playing around.. he wants to do you then toss you away.
    Sty if it sounds harsh but I have no good expectations on him whatsoever.


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