How do I treat my first girlfriend?

A girl beyond my league actually said yes to be my girlfriend. I got rejected 34 times, and expected to say no. I never had experience before, i don't want to mess up, and she's like fun outgoing girl while i don't socialize as much. Please help i'm clueless what to do. Forgot she also surprised me wrapping her arm around mine out of nowhere. I'm lost on what to do.


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  • Treat her how you'd treat a wife and one day she might become yours.

    That's the advice my boyfriend's dad gave him when they first accepted his dating me.

    You have to be supportive of her and her interests. That doesn't mean you suddenly have to like all the things she likes, but you have to support her liking them.

    Be respectful. She's not your toy. She's not something you get to flaunt around and dangle in front of your guy friends.

    She's not an automatic lay for you. So don't act like you're entitled to sleep with her. You're not.

    Be honest with her. Don't cheat. And if you think you want to cheat then do her the honor of breaking up with her first. In the long run you'll both thank you for that.

    • thank you you. I'm a good hehearted guy, and I don't have the personality to cheat. I never dated before, so it won't happen.

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  • well just make sure to treat her well and to be always here for her

  • Go with the flow while also being yourself.


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  • Don't call her your first girlfriend lol.


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