I usually make hints at or initiate plans one month in is this normal?

So I have been dating this guy for a little over a month. The first four dates he set up. The fifth date I sort of hinted at plans and he set the day and then I set the plan. Sixth date he like hinted at wanting to go to this one restaurant one night sort of last minute after we were done studying and after me being like "oh im off at the same time," he asked if I wanted to go with me- so I guess he initiated. Then a few days ago ( i haven't seen him in a week) he was being flirty over text about seeing me "soon" because he misses me but made no specific plan. So I was just ballsy and said does soon include a day and time. and he was like "haha good point" and then gave a run down of days that would work and anyways we set something for Saturday.

So here is my question I feel like a guy should be constantly making the plans at this point? Or a month in is it good to have this sort of give and take. Is this guy just strining me along? Help!


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  • If that's what you do then that's normal for you


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