Guys, What does it mean when ur boyfriend tells u he needs space bc of his admittance to the hospital but u see he has time for people & social media?

My boyfriend does not message me. He used to give me updates about his well being before. But now it is like I do not exist? What is going on here?


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  • Well if he is admitted I would assume he's probably bored, which is one way of keeping himself entertained with social media and stuff, but dosent seem quite right if he is kinda ignoring you. Maybe he does need physica space or to stress down and just not think about problems, responbilitiies etc. But personally, I wouldn't think it was okay if I did that to my partner, and if I did it like that, I would probably be isolating myself cause I'm brooding on some problems I dont know how to share or say.

    • Hey thanks so much. But im only updated on his condition when he tells me and thats not right. It hurts knowing he is on social media but not making time for me. When i did convey him the message of how hurt i am... He still didn't care to respond... I dunno if he even this im his girlfriend...

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