I get really nervous when talking to people?

How can I be less nervous? I don't actually feel nervous and I know it's stupid but I do anyway and I also start sweating which obviously isn't very nice for them or comfortable for me.


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  • Do not worry you are not alone. Many people feel the same way they are just better at covering it up than others. There is no set cure on becoming "less nervous" but there are definitely ways which can improve your confidence which ultimately help your nerves! Besides some people like someone who is shy :)

    • How can I help my confidence? And I think I'm more than shy.

    • I am as well... I guess it just takes time. I spoke to a psychologist about it and that helped a bit. Also I keep a confidence file which is basically whenever someone says something nice about me i put it in and when i am feeling particularly low on self esteem i look at that. And when you are talking to somebody always try to mimic their body language, it will make you seem easier to talk to.

    • Oh that's really smart, I'll try all those things. Thanks :D

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks-_Mh1QhMc

    Understand you'll be standing around in a superman pose (in private of course) for a few minutes a day. As stupid as it sounds, it'll be worth the confidence boost in public.

    i copy/pasted this from an answer i just gave someone a minute ago. forgive me =\

    • Just finished watching it, I'm going to try all those things she said thanks :D

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    • well, what are you waiting for.

      best time to try it out, is now.

    • I would but it's night where I am :P tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a new me :D

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  • I take off my glasses and I act like I don't care! I stop getting nervous bc I been through worse!


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  • Your to young for drinking so maybe some valums, probably why some people smoke weed


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