Hey you men out there, care to help a girl out? I'll give MHO?

I've been casually dating this guy for a month. I like him a lot. He texts me first every time, but I ask him to hangout "go on casual dates." It's funny, whenever I think of him and want to text him, he texts me! Anyhow, I don't believe in me asking him to take it further, I think that's his choice. Guys, what makes you want to take it further with a girl? What makes you fall for a woman? What should I do?


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  • Haha if you don't ask this might be a deal breaker sweetheart because he needs to man up and do the asking. Give it 10 years maybe, he'll come around eventually? It took me 22 years to approach lmao all the missed opportunities. Ahhhh too funny when I think about it

    • So you're saying he's scared?

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    • Haha I am a guy so I've only been asked by women to be significant other's with them but this is how it usually goes. You have genuine interest in being exclusive so you go up to him and confidently state your feelings and what he thinks about them. Basically, you drop MAJOR hinters or straight out say we should be more otherwise I'm moving on. There's no point in waiting for someone who doesn't have mutual feelings at that time.

    • I'd be fine being friends with benefits right now though bc there's no one else on my radar.

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