Does he like me or not?

There is this guy I met at work and we became friends pretty soon after we realised we had a lot of common interest (same taste in music, same taste in movies). We would always laugh with each other and drive the others nuts, becoming inseparable. We would also call each other up and text and of course we added each other on Facebook. Then one day I told him he could come over if he wanted to and he did and first we just talked and talked and talked and talked, then we sang along to songs we both loved and before we knew what was happening, we kissed. It was amazing and we couldn't stop. Then we had amazing, passionate sex and fell asleep cuddling. He was supposed to go out with his friends but blew them off for me. Then the next day he kissed me goodbye and said he'd come around later tonight.
... he never did. And at work he started avoiding me. Because we have common friends, he'd avoid looking at me when we're standing in the same circle. Sometimes he'd say things like "she's crazy" and "she's smart", but our relationship is not what it used to be. A couple of days later I thought we'd be alright again since he started chatting me up at work (he'd always be the one to start the conversation) and also always smile at me. So I thought things would be fine again until... he walked me home the other day so I would not have to go alone in the dark, but there was a long, awkward silence and then he just talked about anything totally harmless with me, but not about that. So before he left I asked "so what happened the other day?" And he said "I don't know" and grinned. "We will talk about this sometime" he said but of course we didn't. The next day at work he completely avoided me again. Or he will text me and I will text back and he will text back and when I text back he just doesn't respond anymore. He likes my Facebook picture and all but it is weird. Really weird. I don't know what to think.


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  • You two had sex. You are perfectly warranted to asking him clear cut direct questions.

    "Are you interested in pursuing a relationship with me?"

    It really doesn't seem worth agonizing over, ESPECIALLY when you see him every single day AND have already had passionate sex.

    From the info you've provided, he's indecisive himself.

    • Thanks very much for your reply!
      Well, I tried but he literally always runs away and it is impossible to get him alone. When we chat with each other (usually every day), it is all fun and games until I ask a more serious question, then he doesn't reply. I do think he is very indecisive. Because he would say things like "please text me when you get home, so I will know you are safe". Before this whole thing happened, we would jokingly tell each other we loved each other. He will give me his full attention at times and then completely ignore me at other times. Hm!

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    • ftr, this is how guys feel after sex. powerful. although, as u get older u mentally block out the need to exert power over every female on this little planet earth.

    • wish ya the best!!! *wavesss*

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