Why do girls reach out after no contact?

This has happened a few times (with different women), curious what the deal is:

I'm talking about a girl who went on a few dates, seemed like there was some spark/connection, things were going well, for whatever reason she starts to flake becomes harder set things up with etc. I take the hint and leave her alone, delete her number so I don't get tempted. Then a month + later she'll reach out saying "it's been a long time and how are you?"

It's strange because it's been a long time because she blew off our last date and never got back to me when I invited her to some other thing. Why would a girl who was obviously not interested take the time to reach out after that?

I'm really curious what's going on in the female brain here, thanks!


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  • Maybe she wasn't interested before and now she is bored or curious about why you haven't perused her anymore. Sounds fucked up but it happens with guys and girls.

    • I usually assume this is what it is. Tread lightly and just be polite back. (encase anybody is thinking about doing this themselves. It's kind of an f'd up reason to reach out to someone who obviously had a thing for you haha oh well)

    • Must've been what happened. She asked me if i was free on a particular day and then dead air since I I told her I was free (2 days) haha, now she's black listed that's about as lame as it gets.

  • She might have feelings for you

    • That would be interesting, she'll probably be going into a weird excuse about what happened earlier if that's the case

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