How do I get a guy that's older then me to notice me?


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  • So if I get your question correct, you want an older man to notice you and perhaps be attracted to you since you seem to be attracted to him. I'm assuming that you are gay or bisexual. I understand what you are feeling. I'm bisexual also and when you see or meet someone whom you are attracted it is only natural that you want to attract them and maybe strike up a friendly relationship.

    What I used with pretty good success was catching him glancing my way and greeting his look with a nice, somewhat seductive smile. If he smiled back then I would at some point make the effort to get closer and at least say hello. If I am just after a sexual evening, a smile then if he acts interested I would discretely move one hand down to my crotch not touching myself but just resting on my cock. If his eyes follow my hand then a gentle grasping of the cock or balls would take place. Next, it is his move.

    Don't be afraid to use your smile openly, I'm sure it is a great one. Good luck with this fortunate person and I hope it brings you what you are looking for.


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