Should I stay in this relationship?

About 2 months ago, I met this guy at a show, let's call him Tristan. So Tristan asked me out, and we have been inseperable ever since. We hang out like every other day, spending about 6-8 hours with each other each time. We have so much in common, we like all the same things, and overall our relationship is everything I could ever want. He constantly compliments me, and tells me how much he likes me. We hold hands and kiss all the time (in public too), and we haven't had sex yet but we have had oral sex. The thing is, he gets really weird whenever the topic of relationships comes up, even when we're talking about a relationship that isn't ours. I think it's probably because he plans on moving to continue his education in New York (we live in LA) next fall so he doesn't want to get too attached. However, it annoys me a bit how he doesn't want to make our relationship official. I'm an extremely insecure person, so it bothers me how he acts like we're in a relationship but doesn't want to put it into words. I haven't asked him outright about it, but last week he told me "I totally dig you and want you, there's just some things I need to fix and prioritize before I can give you my undivided attention. It won't change anything I just thought you deserved to know". That's understandable, and I went on to tell him how my last relationship was a complete waste of time so I wanted him to please be honest with me if he wanted to be with me or not, and he said "I would never do that to you". So I felt better, but yesterday we were out eating and he said something along the lines of "Imagine if we met in New York and I still followed you on social media and stuff so we met there again" (I graduate a year after him, I also want to go to NY but I couldn't for another year). So that made me think that maybe he doesn't see long term. He just gives me so many mixed signals; last night he again sent me paragraphs about how much he likes me and how he's never met anyone like me and how much he "wants" me. I really really like him and want a relationship with him... What should I do I'm so confused lol... please help!


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  • You should leave him and come to me


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