Why Women See A Guy With Another Woman More Appealing?

I noticed way more women approach me or compete for my attention when I already have a girl on a date or am flirting hardcore. Is this seen as higher status that I am passing a women's comfort zone test so others feel comfortable as well? Or is it natural to want another woman's man soley because his attention is on other women and not them? Would like to understand this to improve my dating experiences.


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  • That's the way women's minds work. If other women are actively interested in you, then you must be a good catch. If other women don't want anything to do with you, then you must be a bad catch. It's why you end up being more successful with women by just treating them like one of your many options when you're first dating them, instead of acting like you're head over heels for them after talking to her one time

    They subconsciously think "I'm not sure how this guy feels about me, he must have other things in his life and other women competing for his attention, so he must have high value" instead of "I've barely known this guy and he's like already completely dedicated to me, he must not have a lot going on in his life and barely any other options, he must have low value."

    The women needs to feel like she's chasing you too. She needs to have the feeling that she's winning you over as much as you're winning her over, which can't happen if you're already in love with her by the first date


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  • You know what, this is a good question. I hardly got any attention while I was single. I was giving plenty of looks, but I never received any back. I was used to it, and didn't expect things to ever change. Then, I began dating a woman about two years ago, and everything changed. I honestly get looks almost every day. I pick up on subtle hints. Eye contact, smiles, changes in the tone of voice when I'm talking to them... I know they're interested in me, but I can't have them. Yes, it's frustrating.

    I feel like it may have to do with my increased confidence. A woman can change you and make you a better person than you ever had been before. I feel like I changed a lot very quickly after I began dating my girlfriend. Physically, I look about the same, so it has to be something else. Most of these women don't even know I'm in a relationship, so clearly it's strictly changes with me, and not that they're seeing me with another woman.

    Perhaps there's something different about you when you're dating or flirting hardcore. Women can smell confidence from a mile away, and that seems to be a major factor when it comes to attraction. they want a confident man, whether they realize it or not.

    Confidence does not mean egotistical, by the way. There's a difference between being a confident man and just a douche bag.


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