Heard some nasty things about the guy im dating, don´t know what to think please help?

So i´ve dated him for about three weeks. Its all been perfect, everything. He treats me great, he's a gentleman, he´s smart, we talk about evrything, etc.
He had mentioned that he has two exes, one of those girls turned out to be an acquaintance of mine, kinda like a not so close friend if you will.
Then today that girl called me to ask if i was dating him, i said yes and then she told me that he used to date a friend of hers, and started to talk trash about him. She said that he does drugs everyday, that he talks alone, that he kinda lost it, and that once he even beat her friend, she said that she worried about me.
Now i don´t know why he says that she is ehr ex and then she says that he is a friend of her´s ex?
i am in complete shock!!! what should i do?
Should i just stop seeing him? dont know what to think!



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  • Its possible that she's trying to break you up to get revenge against him, so I dont think you should just leave that easily, especially if she didn't give you evidence. That being said it doesn't hurt to be cautious of that stuff. Just continue with him, but if you think that he seriously is like that, then its probably best to move on.

    • thanks a lot, no she didn't give me evidence, but i im seriously starting to fall for him, as he treats me great and im scared, that if it is true, it would be too late when i find out, ahhhh im sorry for the rambling, im just really torn right now.´
      I like him a lot, its such a dissapointment, if i notice something i will move on.

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  • It might be a case of sour grapes. Telling you bad things so you DO dump him. Like a revenge attack, but more subtle.

    Carry on with him, but you are forewarned. Any sign of trouble, and head for the hills!

  • hmm I don't know she could be actually telling the truth tho.. When i was in HS i would win over a girl with my charm and romance only to be a complete dick after some time. I'd take it with a grain of salt but consider what she said.. study and watch him. w. e you do don't mention this to him tho. you'll have a bigger problem.

    • yes i won't tell him about it, what´s HS tho?

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    • ok so i was dating 3 girls at once. 2 were from my school and knew each other, the other one was in a diff town she was my main girl. -__- i was dumb enough to believe the 2 other girls wouldn't say a thing to my main girlfriend.. I'm pretty sure they did since they were extremely jealous of my girlfriend. sooooo yeaa guys can be pretty dumb sometimes.. long story short i lost all 3 ha

    • He's deff. in the dark

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  • I would watch for signs of instability. If he is using drugs, you should be able to spot some addictive behaviors. Granted, anyone can put up a front for a few weeks. But I'd give him the benefit of the doubt for now. She may just be trying to get you out of the picture.

  • I wouldn't dump him, that would be ridiculous, but I would proceed with caution.


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