Ughh am I going to look like a complete weirdo/psycho?

So I've been on a couple of dates with a guy and he can be a bit forgetful about things he's arranged (parties/meeting friends for drinks etc) and sometimes double books himself. I'm supposed to be seeing him on Sunday but we haven't actually arranged a time/place to meet. I was going to wait for him to contact me and, if he didn't, text him tomorrow asking if we were still on for Sunday. But I kind of just want to know what I'm doing and whether or not we are definitely meeting so tonight at 11.30 I cracked and text him. This was really stupid because he's probably asleep so I won't even get a response tonight. Am I going to look crazy for texting him so late?


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  • No of course not haha, you're not an old bag!


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