Why shouldn't I be a pessimist?

If I fail in everything I do, especially with girls, I'd have to be a fucking idiot not to be. Hope is a fucking lie, and anyone that believes in it is an idiot. Hope is a tool of despair to propagate itself.


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  • Because you're 17. You're still young. So you're going through a rough patch in your life. It's not the end of the world and things will get better. Just give it time.

    • Oh, it will?

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    • Nope, I'm a senior, this is my last SAT

    • You can take more. I actually took a year between high school and college to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I took the SAT's the summer after I graduated. So just because you'll be out of high school doesn't mean you can't take it again.

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  • Yeah but most people don't hope if you didn't notice. They believe in themselves and take shit in their own hands. If a guy sucks at getting girls he usually asks friends for advice or talks to a lot of girls until he gets it right.

    • That's bullshit and a fucking waste of time

    • And the reason you are like this is cause you care to much. Who gives a shit about time if you're trying to make your life better? If you are too worried about being rejected of course rejection is going to sting like a bitch. Just let go of all the worries and just try to live life without over thinking.

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  • Because you don't deserve to be sad *cuddles*


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