Please read entire question. Was this guy hinting something?

Okay, so there's this guy in my college class, and he is in short, very hot, there's not one girl who I've spoken to who doesn't think so. Anyways, the first time I saw him, I too was like, "Wow." But I'm a realistic person, so I knew there was no point in pining for a guy who probably already has a steady supply of admiring females. The only contact we've ever had together was in lab, we've never actually spoken to each other, but I've been really sassy to a couple of his annoying male friends, and he's said, "Ooh burn." But that's about it, until today. Today we had a debate, about gender superiority, and he was on the opposing team, and they lost. After though, all the guys came over and shook our hands, including him, but before he shook my hand he said, "Hey_Name__." I was really surprised (he also only did that to me, and not the other girls), because I was thinking, How does he even know my name? So my question is, do you guys think this could be a hint that he's interested? I mean I thought it was pretty strange how he knew who I was, when we've never even spoken. Am I over analyzing?


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