Are these guys trying to bully me into getting in a relationship or having sex with them?

So I'm on meetme I am not looking for sex or a relationship I just want to chat that's it. But I just notice recently that these guys will either want a relationship with me or sex and when I clearly show I do want any of these things ( I make it very clear by being straight) and they keep bothering me and trying to message me trying to change my mind I feel like they trying to bullying me into relationships or sex and its not working I have balls of steel but am I right? are they really are trying to bullying me into relationship or sex? because I feel they are. What you think?
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  • Yeah they're trying to pressure you.

    • Exactly! especially when I said I don't want sex or a relationship they go and they go and try to pursue me like stop!.

    • I'm not really familiar with the site but is there a way to block their messages?

    • yes there is but its ok I delete it

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  • Meetme is a site for teenagers to hookup and find dates.

    • I know but if I say no then its no right?

    • With guys, no means yes and no means maybe because they think it's not possible for a girl to actually mean no.

    • Well your clearly right! Some Asian dude just now was trying to bullying me into dating him and he had a nerve to say "you only date white men" because I'm white like bitch I dated a Indian and a Paskastani so don't assume shit.

  • I don't know why you would even pay attention to these loser. First, why do you care? Dig deep? who care leave them... they lose no sex no relationship... that on them!

    • I know but if they keep messaging me its hard to ignore them and they want the attention so giving them the attention I'm thinking they leave me alone.

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    • yup... did it make you feel better?

    • yes it did. thank you!

  • You should probably find a different place to chat with people on. Using one FOR hookups is only going to get you that kind of treatment because it's safe to assume people on a dating/hookup one are looking for dating/sex as that's the entire purpose.

    • Yeah but I have a friend on there I would like to keep contact with him I don't know what to do.

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    • Your so right about being pushy that's what I'm dealing with like stop! leave me alone!

    • I know it's so horrible! They don't take no for an answer and then they get all mad. It's soooo annoying

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