Would you date a recovering alcoholic?

I've been sober for 2 years. The dating seen thus far has been unproductive, with women backing away after I tell them.
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  • So I would understand that it would be a pretty big drain on the girl because she has to be supportive and alcoholism isn't a joke.

    But I don't drink much anyway so I guess so. As long as he was recovering and not in the deep throws of it.

    And also as long as he wasn't a violent drunk. I don't need that nonsense in my life.


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  • Thats little bit harsh? Women backing away after finding out that you're recovering alcoholic. Thats WAY BETTER than current alcoholic. That tells me that you're determined to fight against something that you're not proud of. if that made sense? Same thing with smokers.

    • I was told by one that her dad was an alcoholic and she never wants to end up like her mom, in love with a man and unable to leave a bad situation. She couldn't risk it.

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    • That's just it. I can't guarantee that. No alcoholic can. There is no cure. I can guarantee that I will always fight with everything I have to stay sober. That's as close to a guarantee as I or any other alcoholic can give.

    • No like Mention that she can leave, i think she's more scared of being stuck/ not being able to leave a bad situation instead of dating a possibly violent alcoholic. I would be more scared that i can't leave

  • I voted A when I should've voted B. I enjoy drinking, a lot, and I don't know if i date a recovering alcoholic it would just be wrong for me to drink in front of him. Even if he says its okay.

    • That's the other aspect. I could date a casual drinker but never a woman who has a couple of glasses of wine a night. Or gets drunk ever weekend.

    • Oh i dont do that but when im out with my friends I usually drink. But i dont get drunk like every weekend.

  • Id give it a shot be very wary about it...


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