I am overthinking or is this a red flag?

Is it okay for your boyfriend to liked his baby mama pictures that looks likes this my friend said I am overthinking but I just need know if I am or this is showing a red flag and I crop the picture so that it doesn't show her face! She post this picture because it's her birthday
I am overthinking or is this a red flag?


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  • I can't see the rest of the pic, so I don't know if there is more to the story. What you do show can be easily misinterpreted. She could be holding the baby, perhaps? Or something else? You are leaving out pertinent details, perhaps for a reason?

    If I were a guy in a new relationship, I wouldn't "like" any pictures of my ex that didn't include my child. She is very attractive from what you do show, which could make a new girlfriend feel insecure. Do you feel secure in the relationship?

    • I crop the picture out so that it wouldn't show her face and she not holding anything just her hand on her hip. I do feel insecure because I'm scared that he will leave before her and I don't know if because my password ships bu insecure because I'm scared that he will leave before her and I don't know if because of my pass relation ships that I feel this way

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    • Lol sorry, I was trying to say that I crop the picture out so that it only show part of the picture. I am scared he will leave me for his baby mama and I think the reason why I am so scared because my last relationship the man did leave me for his mother of his child. I don't understand why he had to liked the picture in the first place, it just her with her hand on her hip, it doesn't even have their child in the picture, so I'm wondering should I be worried or just let it go?

    • There are so many variables, I wouldn't know where to start. How long have you been together? How well do you know him? Do they have the same social circle? Does he do things for her (other than what he must do)? Does he speak well of her? Do they text constantly? Did he also wish her happy birthday? What was the photo caption?

      All I can really say is that if I had an ex, and I'm with someone new, I would not make an effort to "like" a photo of my ex in a provocative pose. But having said that, if there was something else in the photo to like, like a child, pose with a celebrity, etc, I might like it as an acknowledgement. Maybe he was liking the caption on the photo, not the photo, itself.

      Maybe you are reading into it. Observe his other behaviors before you throw his stuff out on the street, though.

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  • What is the red flag that you're concerned about?

    • That he liked his baby mama picture, I feel like him liking this picture that he likes her and wants to be with her

    • Well, some men like women with nice butt, and/or when women dress up. That might be the reason your boyfriend likes this picture? Might be.

      Liking a picture isn't necessarily liking the person in the picture, so you would have to consider their interaction, ages, etc.

  • You should be if he did that. She looks hot though. :P


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