Chance after rejection?

Do you think there is any chances after rejection. I liked this guy for so long and I might tell him my feelings towards him soon because I waited for years and he is very shy but he lives far so we dont get to see each other often and im scared of rejection but whatever happens I want to stay friends with him and I want to know if you think if there is chances after rejection for example telling him to let me get closer to him or just getting closer to him by myself and show him more about me or all the love I have to give him and I may other chance/s with him?


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  • And girl who dares reject me can eat a dick and die slow

    • even if you really love her?

    • I don't care I absolutely refuse to be friends with ANY girl who would tell me I'm not good enough for her

    • why?

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  • It depends on what he thinks.. Do you think he likes you? Rejection isn't a big thing and i'm sure you'll deal with it in that case, In the other case try to prove to him that you love him and show him your feelings before telling it, And to answer your question chances after rejection are pretty small.

    • I showed him in a million ways but he is completely clueless and he is 23 and only have had one girlfriend.

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    • Ill try to do it even if its hard after 7 years of loving him.

    • Yes Go Ahead.. Nothing Will Stop You !

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