Are we more than just friends based off thse items?

Alrighty I am just looking for opinions on whether or not we are more than friends based off a few select things that have happened.

1. She allows me to hang out with her dad at the bar and the gym as well as text.
2. I've hung out with her and her family at a casino
3. She suggested we go an hour away to walk a park and then go hang out with my father
4. She has given me some og her family phone numbers.
5. She jokingly asked if she could attend my family reunion with me.
6. She enjoys suprising me at work with a home made lunch and vise versa.
7. She is coming over to share somr wine when i make her dinner.
8. She openly receives gifts from me and loves telling her family about them.
9. She pushes me to keep improving myself amd vice versa
10. We have discussed baby names that we both like seperatly and tried coming up eoth better ones. We talk about how many kids each of us want
11. We buy each other drinks every other day back and forth.
12. I mentioned that my chorus sends out quartets to sing to couple pn valentines day and asked if i could come sing to her at work and give her a rose and she said she would love that

Know that as of a month ago she stated we are amazing friends for now. But some things seem like more. Opinions?

Valentines Day

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Valentines Day