What should I do?

So there is this girl I like who I have suspected likes. Here's my evidence
1. She looks at me a lot
2. She acts a lot shyer around me
3. She wears nice clothes to school sometimes, and usually expects me to so the same (which I do because I am trying to impress her)
Should I make a move? I don't know her very well, but after all, she is my neighbor. Let's not forget that I'm pretty shy. SoI made a move is there anything I can do before hand to receive stress. Do girls like geeky guys? Because that's what I am. I personally have never had a girlfriend because I am waiting for a good person to come along, and she seems like a try. She's nice, but also a little competitive
She's really good with tech, and can type fatser than I can
I like how she knows her way around things but looks like she could like a shoulder to lean on
Guess it's kind of good we're both fit people?
I play baseball and she does track.
So how do I go about this?


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