Am I being too superficial?

So I recently got out of a relationship that really destroyed my trust in people and my faith in finding any decent guys. The guy I dated, who frequently said he loved me and I was his only girl, turned out to be a habitual liar and was sleeping with many other girls (to make a long story short ).
I have a good guy friend whom I get along great with - we can talk for hours. He's always there for me and truly cares about me. I know he would have a relationship with me if I was willing, and I know he's someone I can trust. The problem is that I'm not attracted to him physically or sexually. The last guy I was with - there was so much chemistry; I seriously felt electricity when he touched me and the sex was amazing. I'm afraid of finding other guys who will deceive me and screw me over, so my friend would be a good option. But I don't know that I can sacrifice the physical part.
Am I being too superficial? Is it asking too much that I want a guy who treats me well and I can trust, AND the physical /sex part too?


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  • Is your guy friend attractive at all or considered to be good looking?

    • He's ok

    • If you were a man, I would tell you this, you can't fake an erection naturally. So, I would say it's not superficial in what you want. Eventually, you're going to have to give another guy whom you find physically attractive a chance.

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